RSW Advertising is Cape Cod's premier marketing and advertising agency. We opened our doors for business in January of 1984 as RS Walters Advertising, a full service advertising and marketing agency servicing Cape Cod, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard and Plymouth County. Today, RSW serves over 100 clients from east to west coast offering, marketing, creative services, public relations, market research and proprietary products.


Brand strategy for your business problem

You have a problem. It is our job to solve it. The strategic stage we set is the foundation for our solution. Whether you need a full brand analysis, a positioning exercise, or something smaller in scope, you’ll find our well-honed strategic process is second to none. In fact, some of our clients have told us that we’re more like a business consultancy than a typical ad agency.


Creative development for the solution

Our creative teams are inspired not by the prospect of fattening their portfolios, but by the opportunity to crack a problem that could have a real impact on your business. They do so by combining a comprehensive knowledge of your brand, a singular consumer insight, and strong creative instincts.


Media Takes it Home

Our media strategy team works alongside our creative team to figure out how to best marry the message to the right placement. We evaluate how your consumer uses media and where they’ll be most receptive to hearing your message. This alignment means your media bucks get all consumer bangs possible.