RSW Advertising has specialized in serving the needs of clients on South Shore, Cape Cod and the Islands for over 33 years, with particular emphasis on product and service awareness. In that time, our work has been distinguished by three qualities: strategy, collaboration and integration.

We pride ourselves on the rigor and sophistication we bring to communication strategy. We have developed and continually refined a comprehensive approach that always includes thorough situation analysis, focused strategy development and meticulous action planning. The result is an enviable track record of plans that are built around clearly defined goals and key audiences. The plans optimize resources, capitalize on opportunities and mitigate threats effectively.

Hallmarks of our Work

Because we immerse ourselves in our client businesses, a spirit of collaboration also marks our work. We embrace the often-decentralized decision-making model of our clients. We value the insights and experiences of broad and diverse groups of staff members, owners and stakeholders. We have created unique and effective processes that allow us to leverage these individuals fully. As we describe it: strategy is something we do with our clients, not to our clients.

Finally, our work is continually marked by our insistence on integration. Simply put, we create unified and coherent programs of communication for our clients, not merely a list of vehicles and activities to undertake. We build powerful links between various tactics we recommend, allowing them to work cumulatively and deliver a consistent message. In this way, the whole campaign is certainly greater than the sum of its parts.